Our Vision

The Wood Look
Hey Guys, My names James and I'd like to welcome you to The Wood Look.

A brand created to inspire and help solve one of the single biggest problems happening daily - Climate Change.

Our wooden accessories are carefully hand crafted from as much reclaimed wood and reusable materials as possible to ensure products are easier to recycle in the future.
deer in the woodland of scotland
For every wooden watch purchased, we promise to donate a portion of the purchase to Trees For Life, a charity which supports tree growth in the Scottish Highlands.

Trees For Life aim to restore and expand the Caledonian Forest and surrounding wildlife with new trees for us and wildlife.

In doing this, the charity hope to inspire other projects in the UK as well as around the world. Currently, there is a large focus on the red squirrel reintroduction project.
squirrel reintroduction highlands scotland
Trees For Life are working hard to help red squirrels flourish in the highlands as numbers are at an all time low across many parts of the UK due to non-native grey squirrels and the squirrelpox disease that they carry.
We hope that, with your help, we can provide support that helps wildlife and the environment thrive for years to come. 

Be rest assured, with any purchase your details shall never be passed on to any third party entity. 

If you want to find out more, we'd love you to get in touch.
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